The Clearing Event Membership Series with Dr. Joe Vitale and Harry B Happy

The number one thing stopping you from attracting what you want are the “counter intentions” in your unconscious mind.

Clear the BLOCKS that Have Been Stopping YOU.

The Clearing Event calls are on the LAST Tuesday of each and every month!

The calls happen at 8 PM Eastern time USA, 7PM Central time USA, Midnight GMT

Give yourself time to Get Clear! 

During these Clearing Events you will...

  • Rapidly Clear Limiting Beliefs Currently Blocking Your Path Forward...Everyone has them. Subconscious beliefs that stand in the way of getting the life your deserve. Start clearing them away now!

  • Learn to Calm Your Brain Chatter...The Clearing Event calls serve as a wonderful, calming meditation. Soothing your mind and allowing you to recharge your energy.

  • Delete, Replace, Reprogram the current routines running in you right now...Your mind can be changed just like your body. When you feed it, work it out, and maintain it, you can actually change your mind!

  • Clear the Way for the New Things to Come...​When the mind is cluttered, clarity is difficult; your manifesting energies are clouded. Blow out the clutter and allow your best life to become real.



There are three reasons you want to be part of The Clearing Event

These are the three biggest things I've seen holding people back from creating their best lives.


You get to clear the beliefs that are in the way of you having what you want.

If you know about the Law of Attraction, you've read my books, you saw the movie The Secret, but you still struggle with what you want, it's because of beliefs.


You'll remove the blocks that are in your unconscious mind, your subconscious mind.

You may not even know what those blocks are, but if I remove those and we do it together, you will be free to go right down the path, no blocks to getting what you want. That's the second reason to be on this call.


You will achieve a clear, calm mind.

A calm mind, a calm body, a calm life. Clarity is key to achievement and to positive, permanent change in your life. From a clear, calm mind anything is possible.

Those are three reasons...there's more...You have limiting beliefs right now.


These are the unseen limiting beliefs operating because of past programming.


Until you clear them, it will be difficult to attract love, romance, money, success, health or much else.


Here’s your chance to clear them with the help of Secret movie star, bestselling author, founder of Miracles Coaching®, Dr. Joe Vitale himself!


He and his clearing team will personally do energy work and more to clear you of your blocks. You don’t need to know the blocks to clear them; you just need to know what you want.

PLUS...The added bonus of a like minded community!

You will also be invited to a online, private Clearing Event Mastermind.

Get the extra support you need between call as you continue your clearing journey. Lots of people are going through the same issues with clarity and counter-intention as you are. Harry B Happy and I are in the group helping you along with the rest of The Clearing Event family to help you Get Clear! 

Where: From the comfort of your own home or place of your choosing.


When: The LAST Tuesday of each and every month.


Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST - USA Times - Midnight GMT


This site can be used to calculate the correct time in your area of the world:


How long: 45 – 60 minutes.


What will happen: Dr. Vitale or Gong and Energy Clearing Mastery Harry B Happy Bartholomew will lead the group through a mass cleansing, using ho’oponopono, The Secret Prayer, Nevillizing, Socratic questioning and more!


Cost: $39 per month for the membership which includes the downloadable recording of each and every Clearing Event call . You will also get instant access to the downloadable replays of all of the previous Clearing Event calls, in addition to a free clearing bonus gift pack...


Your obligation: None, other than to listen to the recordings and be willing to relax and have faith.


To prepare: Think of what you want to have, do, or be. If you haven’t read The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, or At Zero, you might want to before the call, but it is not a requirement.

...and how about those bonuses!

You'll also get these incredible bonuses immediately upon registering for the VIP Clearing Event Series Membership.

Three amazing books from me directly related to getting you

A Simple to Eliminate Doubts and Excuses - E-book.

How to Clear Limiting Beliefs Fast - E-book.

Golden Obstacles - E-book.

PLUS...The Clearing Event Mastermind Group.


The Beginners Guide to Miracles

You'll love this 7 video mini-course on creating Miracles in your life and expecting them on a regular basis. Based on the The Miracle, it's like a director's cut of a movie...get all new insights from the author.

Attract Money Now PDF

Money is the root of all...Yeah, you don't even need to finish that statement to know that that program has been running for years in all of us...Learn how create a winning money mindset with Attract Money Now.

The Miracles Manual - 3 volumes

My life transformed completely when I started using mentors and coaches. The Miracles Manuals are full of stories of folks just like you create change in their lives. 

Blue Healer digital download

You'll get the full digital download of Blue Healer, my first self-help singer songwriter CD. These songs will help you with your journey to clarity.

What folks are saying about The Clearing Event.

Love, Trisha Niedermaier

The effects really are like little miracles.

I wanted to be as clear as possible, to increase the clearing energy and most importantly be continuously open to the flow. This is the way that I knew.

I decided to do Joe’s clearings every single night. I began on January 2, 2018 - a good way to set the pace for the year I thought, and then I stopped, just intuitively, on May 7, 2018. A consecutive 126 day clearing.

Nothing of significance seemed to happen during this extended clearing I decided to do. After I stopped though, and not long at all after I stopped, something very special happened! In retrospect, it was happening all along - I simply didn’t see it while I concentrated on the clearings and being clear.

I wholeheartedly love your clearings Joe, thank you!!

The effects really are like little miracles.


I am so excited about my success.

I must say, I loved the cleaning.

I read zero limits in Aug. and started doing the meditation and I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you morning noon and night. went on YouTube and found meditation. did these daily.

Starting purchasing different programs all have to do with zero limits.

Here are the results: Sept. My business almost doubled from the year before...

Oct.  my business doubled...

Nov more than doubled...

Dec. I did 3 1/2 time more business in Dec 16 than I did in Dec 15

Jan 17...4 times the amount from last year!!!

I am so excited about my success.

Thank you

Decide for yourself...

Decide for yourself how powerful The Clearing Events would be in your life...Imagine what life is going to be like when you wake up clear, excited about life, and moving forward to having whatever it is you want, and have the mindset that I have right here.

Expect miracles. You deserve it.


Monthly Membership


Monthly Payment


Yearly Membership - Get 2 months free


One Time Yearly Payment



If this program doesn't help you in the way that you'd like you can cancel at anytime. We will always gladly refund you last 30 day installment.

Dr. Joe Vitale

President, Hypnotic Marketing, INC.